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About us

At MCD Fire Engineering we bring an in-depth international and local experience in fire safety, to provide appropriate fire safety engineering design solutions for every project.

MCD Fire Engineering provide consultancy excellence in the application of the science of fire safety from first principles, for life and property protection, as well as preservation of the environment. We achieve this through an intimate approach to client specific projects, industry alliances and research and development. We assist in creating a functional, flexible and cost-effective fire safety design solution.

In addition to providing innovative solutions, MCD Fire Engineering are also enthusiastically involved in the construction and occupation stages of the project. We have extensive experience on building sites from the beginning of construction through to completion, occupation and management. We are committed to being involved in all stages of the project to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

Our fire engineering experience covers all aspects of building types, sizes and ages, both in Europe and Australia using International Building Codes from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America.

MCD Fire Engineering offer qualified and accredited fire engineering consultancy services to all building sectors; airports, shopping complexes, low and high rise residential, commercial, educational facilities, industrial, warehousing, health and aged care, as well as places of public assembly. We also specialise in the integration of fire safety designs and strategies in heritage buildings recognising the sensitive balance between fire safety and heritage integrity.

MCD Fire Engineering believe in ongoing research and development and best industry practice to stay abreast of industry developments. We pride ourselves on our professional approach to each specific project as well as maintaining an efficiency in delivering a high-quality fire engineering design.

Mark McDaid

Managing Director
Certifier - Fire Safety
Mark is a Chartered and Accredited Fire Safety Engineer (Accredited in NSW and RPEQ in QLD) as well as being on Engineers Australia's National Engineering Register (NER). Mark has worked in Fire Safety Consulting Engineering since 2003 on the design and construction stages of all building types, new and old. His extensive knowledge of the local and international codes from the National Construction Code (NCC), to UK Approved Documents, British & European Standards & Tests, US Codes, Standards & Tests. Marks involvement in early stages of design followed through to his delivery of effective building design will deliver holistic, solution oriented and client focused fire engineering alternative solutions. Mark will bring specialist advice and experience to the project and will ensure that the most innovative fire engineering solutions are at the forefront of the design team options.

Lei Wang

Senior Associate Fire Engineer
Certifier - Fire Safety
Lei is an Accredited Fire Safety Engineer (Accredited in NSW and in VIC (PBP)), and has 7+ years’ experience in Fire Safety Engineering / Consultancy and 10 years’ experience in Fire Science Study, Research and Teaching. Lei has extensive knowledge and understanding of both Australian and international building codes and standards including Australia’s National Construction Code (NCC) and Australian Standards, New Zealand Building Code (C/VM2), UK Approved Documents, British & European Standards & Tests, and US Codes, Standards & Tests. Based on his decade long of studying, research and teaching across China, US and Europe, Lei acquired international perspective and experience in developing and delivering innovative and effective performance-based fire safety engineering solutions.

Fire Safety ‘Essential Services Maintenance’ Software/App

In addition to Mark’s vast qualifications and experience, he is also working extensively with other international fire engineering companies, and in conjunction with them have developed a Fire Safety Essential Services Maintenance software/app program. The software/app streamlines the regulatory checks required from each building owner and reduces the paper-based activities to a digitised approach resulting in better outcomes, more efficiencies, transparency and accountability. TFS-Compliance has already been implemented across sites in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East and is planned for other countries including the US, Canada and Australia.

Our highly skilled and dedicated team of engineers are keen to assist you with your project. Contact us now on 0423 471 617 or [email protected]