Fire Engineering Peer Reviews

A peer review is sometimes required to provide the client, the PCA and other stakeholder’s greater assurances in the proposed fire safety design during the approvals process. The peer review is undertaken by a person accredited as a fire engineer with the required competencies and experience.

A peer review is a third party peer review of the fire engineering assessment prepared to ensure that the proposed fire engineering report generally conforms to the requirements of the International Fire Engineering Guidelines (IFEG 2005) and more specifically that the assumptions, methodology and input parameters of the principle fire safety engineering documentation are appropriate to the design.

The peer review will review and provide an opinion as to whether or not the assessment carried out and associated conclusions are sufficient to show that the documented design meets the stated performance requirements of the BCA.

MCD Fire Engineering will work with the project fire engineer, the PCA and Client in a pro-active manner, to ensure that any feedback from the peer review is relevant, constructive and enables a smooth review process, providing greater assurances for all stakeholders involved.

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