Fire Safety Orders & Voluntary Upgrades

Where building owners, strata or body corporates are aware of fire safety deficiencies or in receipt of a Fire Order or Notice of Intention to serve an Order, it is important to obtain fire safety upgrade advice as early in the design as possible. In some cases, Council may delay serving an Order in light of the fact that the building owner has promptly sought and retained the services of an Accredited C10 Fire Safety Engineer to address the issues raised.

MCD Fire Engineering may advise, even at an early stage that a review of the existing fire and life safety services is carried out to determine what level the current building confirms to, i.e. pre-Ordinance 70, Ordinance 70 or later and whether any modifications were carried out since the original installations.

MCD Fire Engineering will provide initial advice on how to address each item in turn, and whether partial of full compliance with the order is necessary, or whether some items may be addressed by way of an Alternative Solution. This informs Council, and if desired, the Fire Brigade, that the fire engineering strategy can be incorporated into the building and the concerns raised in the Order can be addressed. This may include seeking some relaxations, dispensations or concessions to the BCA commensurate to the overall building design, age and construction, particularly in the case of Heritage buildings.

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