Pre-Development Application (DA) Design Advise

During the early design stages we can provide conceptual advice in the form of a Concept Fire Engineering Strategy / Design Development Note. Our CFES/DDN’s are visual, high-level advise on the significant parts of the design relating to the fire engineering strategy that give clear precise key parameters and concepts of our proposed solutions. This informs the design team, in addition to Council, if desired, that the fire engineering concepts can be incorporated into the design from the outset, saving significant costs due to abortive design by all disciplines.

MCD Fire Engineering may advise, even at an early stage that a review of the existing fire and life safety services is carried out to determine what level the current building confirms to, i.e. Ordinance 70 or later and whether any modifications were carried out since the original installations. During the DA stage, MCD Fire will liaise with the design team including any BCA consultant on board in reviewing existing non-compliances and setting out a strategy in providing a fire safety design that both satisfies the BCA but also the clients goals and aspirations into the design.

Other Services

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